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Police are focusing on any drivers without van or car insurance

A crack-down on uninsured vehicles by a collaboration of police forces in the north of England reflects how important it is for businesses which require employees to drive company vans to instate any driver van insurance on the vehicles.

The police used Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) equipped police cars to track down uninsured vehicles travelling on the motorway network.

Twenty cars and vans were seized altogether due to drivers having no insurance or no driving licence. The police also issued 71 fixed penalty notices for various crimes including drivers using mobile phones and occupants not wearing seatbelts.

Police made seven further arrests for unrelated offences such as burglary, possession of drugs and also seized £3,500 following an arrest for money laundering.

Greater Manchester Police led the operation which has been the first regional operation they've led since they joined the North West Motorway Policing group in June.

Chief Inspector Rachel Buckle, from GMP, said, "This will be the first of many of these collaborative operations."

The crack-down, named operation Hubble, is part of a nationwide attempt to reduce uninsured drivers. It is imperative that all drivers insure their vehicles and businesses which need employees to drive their vans take out specialised van insurance or any driver van insurance policies for their commercial vehicles.

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