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Builders van insurance holders may pay toll fee

Builders van insurance holders who regularly use the A14, which is the main route east to west in the UK, might want to find a cheaper quote on their cover so that they are able to use the proposed A14 toll lane.

The new road, which may be built to improve the British economy, would see drivers paying to avoid traffic jams in the other lanes and reach their destinations faster.

However, smaller companies, who are already having to pay for business van insurance, vehicle maintenance, road tax and fuel costs, might not be able to afford the toll fee on top of their other expenses.

As a result, the scheme might mean that large companies benefit from less traffic on the new road because they can afford to pay the toll, but small firms could struggle to pay the fees and continue to experience congestion in the non-toll lanes.

Potentially, prosperous companies which are able to afford the fee and deliver products or services faster might put small firms out of business.

A cheaper builders van insurance quote could mean that a small company can keep up with the larger ones when it comes to delivery and arrival times and, therefore, stay in business long enough to become a larger and more successful company itself.


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