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Security advice for people who own vans

The UK's drivers, including those with insurance for vans, have been urged to be careful after a recent surge in the amount of reported diesel thefts.

The police have revealed that van owners are at particularly high risk of having their fuel stolen by opportunistic thieves.

A Nottinghamshire police representative said, "With the credit crunch, we have seen fuel prices increase significantly.

"Unfortunately we find thieves will also look to take advantage by using other peoples' fuel for their own measures, often to commit other crime, or they will sell it on."

While most van insurance policies do not provide cover against fuel theft, the police have suggested a range of precautions that motorists can take in order to protect their diesel.

For instance, drivers who park their vehicle in such a position so as to make the fuel cap difficult to access will stand a reduced chance of becoming victims. It is also possible to minimise the risk of theft by installing an alarm and a locking fuel cap.

The police spokesperson said, "We need residents to be vigilant and take care when parking their vehicles. We want people to be forewarned that this is happening and to report anyone acting suspiciously to the Police immediately."

As long as people act on this advice it seems likely that the amount of claims made by motorists with insurance for vans will hopefully not rise.

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