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Avoiding tunnel accidents to keep business van insurance cheap

With the opening of the Hindhead tunnel, the UK's longest underground traffic tunnel, and the presence of hundreds of other tunnels throughout the country, business van insurance holders may be interested in some driving tips recently provided on the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Drive and Survive website.

Simon Elstow, IAM Driver Training Specialist, has listed some road safety advice for motorists who have to drive their vans or cars through tunnels during their journeys.

Following the tips could help people who wish to keep their no-claims bonus intact, and future van insurance quotes as low as possible, from suffering an accident.

Some of the useful pointers given include checking the vehicle's fuel gauge before entering a tunnel so that it does not run out of fuel while travelling through, and remembering to remove sunglasses so that the driver can see clearly when they enter the darkened environment of a tunnel.

Furthermore, information has been provided by the IAM regarding the correct actions to take if a vehicle breaks down while inside the tunnel. Potentially the most important tip in this section of Mr Elstow's advice is to leave the vehicle, exit the tunnel when it is safe to do so, and find a safe place to wait for assistance. Some road users believe that the correct course of action is to remain in the car or van, but this could lead to personal injury or even death.

Business van insurance holders may find this information particularly useful, since they may need to travel in areas of Britain in which there are large numbers of road-traffic tunnels depending on where their firm or business is based.

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