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Astra van insurance and dashboard clutter

Windscreen repair and replacement company, Autoglass, has conducted research which has shown that van drivers, including those with Astra van insurance, are putting their lives at risk on the roads.

Reportedly, one in three road users who drive commercial vans have had 30 near-miss accidents in the past year, due to rubbish piling up in their vehicle.

The survey discovered that 34% of van drivers were at risk of suffering a crash because of packaging left over from fast food, and 24% were obstructing their view of the road by placing cuddly toys on the dashboard.

Moreover, the research showed that one in ten drivers never clears clutter from their vehicle.

The managing director of Autoglass stated, "It is clear from our latest survey that drivers spending long hours on the road mustn't let their litter-hoarding habits put their own or other road users' lives at risk.

"Vehicle owners should regularly clear their dashboards of clutter to ensure they have maximum visibility whilst on the roads."

Large companies or small businesses which have fleet van insurance should make sure that their van drivers keep their windscreens clear of any obstruction. This will reduce the risk of an accident occurring and help them keep their no-claims bonus on their cover, whether they have Astra van insurance or use a different make of vehicle.

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