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Any driver van insurance and an increase in new van purchases

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has announced an increase in new vehicle registrations from August 2010 to August this year as the UK appears to come out of recession. Following this report one insurance company is offering tips on what to look for in a new van, which should be useful to any driver. Van insurance costs for a vehicle are an important thing to check.

Checking the van insurance group will be useful in making sure that the vehicle does not carry a high premium, or at least prepare the owner for an increase in their quote.

Further advice given by the insurer involved is thinking about the van's fuel efficiency. This could save a motorist's money, since the more fuel efficient a vehicle is the less often it will need to be taken to the petrol station.

On a practical note, drivers who will be in the market for business van insurance should choose a van which is the correct size for their trade needs, as well as observing what size the engine is. A smaller van will naturally hold fewer tools and materials, and a smaller engine will work better for someone who will be undertaking shorter journeys.

Van drivers who need to travel long distances with a lot of items in their vehicle may want a large van with a larger engine.

Any driver van insurance holders who hope that their annual premium will reduce in cost might be pleased to hear that the Commercial Vehicle Manager at the insurance provider stated, "The motor trade industry was one of the hardest hit industries in the recession so it is great to see this increase in new vehicle registrations which in turn will have a positive impact on the insurance industry."

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