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Keeping very cheap van insurance through winter

Many forecasters, including the Met Office, are predicting icy and snowy weather as early October. This has led to a well-known insurer creating a road safety list for commercial vehicle drivers, including those with very cheap van insurance, who may need to travel in dangerous conditions to work.

The company's commercial vehicle manager stated that van drivers should, "always prepare in advance when heading out on snowy roads".

He added, "Weather conditions such as snow and ice can be dangerous if not alert whilst driving. Remember any accidents that are caused by the bad weather will affect your insurance premiums so drive with extra caution and stay safe."

The useful safety tips provided by the firm include checking the weather and being aware of any road closures before setting off, and always having an emergency kit and fully charged mobile phone in the vehicle in case of breakdown.

Furthermore, checking the van over thoroughly for faults and trying to stick to roads which have been gritted should help business van insurance holders reduce the risk of being involved in a crash or suffering mechanical problems on the road.

Holders of very cheap van insurance who want to keep their annual premiums low by avoiding traffic accidents are also being reminded to; increase the space between their van and the vehicle in front in poor weather, keep both hands on the steering wheel to maintain better control, and to try to drive in ready-made tyre tracks since slush and ice can cause wheels to skid.

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