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Van insurance holders in morning traffic jams

Research undertaken by Swinton Commercial has shown that van insurance holders are losing about six hours of work-time a month due to road congestion.

The survey of 1,000 drivers with business van insurance revealed that 45% of motorists using their van for work purposes lost an average of one hour and ten minutes a week to traffic jams.

Furthermore, 23% of van drivers stated that they had begun to leave home at or before 7am in order to avoid busy periods on their way to work which could cause delays in their day's schedule.

Worryingly for firms who use vans to make deliveries or reach customers, these delays, which are a risk all year round, apparently become even worse around the festive season.

The company's commercial vehicle manager said, "Christmas time is such a busy season for van drivers, and the impact of traffic congestion can be disastrous when you're working to a strict schedule.

"The fact that van drivers lose so many working hours during such a crucial time is really quite surprising. More traffic on the roads can also increase the risk of collisions, so the correct van insurance is vital whatever the season."

Van drivers, who do not wish to leave for work earlier than usual, may find that planning a different route which avoids more congested areas of the highway will allow them to make their morning journey without encountering as many traffic jams as usual.

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