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Damage to vehicles in high winds across UK

Repairs may be needed after fallen-debris damage

Due to the high wind suffered in many areas of Britain, many van insurance buyers may be pleased that they paid a little bit extra for fully comprehensive cover on their vehicle.

Not only have two people, one of whom was a van driver, sadly died due to gale-force winds in some parts of the UK, but many motorists' vehicles have sustained damage after fallen debris or trees have landed on them.

If the vehicle owner only has third party or third party, fire and theft insurance, any damage caused by the storms will have to be paid for by the policyholder. However, those with comprehensive insurance are likely to be able to use their insurance to cover the cost of repairs – although they will lose their no-claim bonus.

Any companies that have business van insurance which does not protect the vehicle owner from the expense of weather-related accident repairs, may wish to keep their vans in a garage, to reduce the risk of incident, and their drivers off the road to protect their safety.

Comprehensive van insurance can be a little more expensive than other policies, but it protects a vehicle more completely and may prove very useful during extreme weather such as that which is currently being experienced by many motorists in the UK.


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