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Business van insurance should cover theft and damage

Oxshott van owners victims of theft and vehicle damage

Police have advised that all buyers of business van insurance remove any tools they keep in the back of their vehicles and lock them up safely elsewhere during the night.

This guidance comes as a reaction to a number of van break-ins and thefts along one of the most expensive streets in England.

Several van owners in Leys Road and Princes Drive in Oxshott, Surrey, have fallen victim to vehicle crime, with a Mercedes Vito, Renault Kangoo and two Vauxhall Combos, suffering damage or having had items stolen from them recently.

A crime reduction advisor stated, "When tools are stolen it can cause a great deal of stress for the owner, particularly if they are self-employed.

"Apart from the hassle of trying to replace them it is often very costly and can provide a major blow to small businesses."

It is unfortunate that buyers of van insurance should have to re-purchase the tools of their trade or pay for repairs due to criminal activity, as these may not always be recoverable under the terms of some insurance policies.

In order to reduce the risk of falling victim to vehicle theft and damage, people with business van insurance should remove tools from their van at night and park their vehicle in a safe place. Furthermore, they should make sure that their policy covers them in the event of criminal damage or equipment theft.

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