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Van driver motoring abilities

According to a survey by a provider of any driver van insurance, van drivers are better than other road users at manoeuvring their vehicle.

In a poll of 1000 UK road users, participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire on their motoring abilities.

Sixty-eight percent of van drivers gave themselves full scores in the section of the survey which asked them about their ability to undertake complicated manoeuvres in their vehicle.

Amongst many other manoeuvres, private and business van insurance policyholders rated themselves as having no problems reversing around corners.

The insurer's commercial vehicle manager stated, "Van drivers spend a lot of time in their vehicles driving to jobs across the whole of the country, so this in itself would give the driver more practice at doing manoeuvres such as parallel parking, reversing round a corner and even turning a vehicle round in a tight space.

"The fact that vans are considerably larger vehicles than the average car also works in a van driver's favour – it's more difficult so if you can master manoeuvres in a large vehicle, then doing the same in a smaller vehicle should be much easier."

Although it seems from this survey that van drivers are confident in their abilities to safely manoeuvre their vehicle, it is important that buyers of any driver van insurance do not get over-confident.

Furthermore, people who are new to driving vans should take care since the vehicle is likely to be larger than they are used to and might have a greater number of blind spots.

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