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Van drivers suffering road rage

According to a van insurance provider, van drivers are more likely to suffer from road rage than other motorists.

The firm, which revealed that 53% of van drivers became angry while behind the wheel, has recommended that they try to remain calm when in control of their vehicle and has provided them with advice to this end.

The advice given states that drivers should "communicate with other road users with friendly eye contact and by using indicators correctly and with plenty of notice", and should not use "offensive language or hand gestures".

Furthermore, the motor cover company, which provides private van insurance as well as business van insurance, states that van drivers should "be alert and get enough rest before [they] go on a long journey", "take lots of rest breaks", "keep fresh air circulating through the vehicle and take deep breaths", and "check the traffic reports before [they] set off and avoid road works if possible".

The hope is that by maintaining their composure on the road van drivers will be less likely to be involved in an accident which could negatively impact the cost of their van insurance.

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