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Finding the right commercial van insurance for a larger vehicle

Here at iVan we pride ourselves on being the UK's only van-specific insurance specialist.

This allows us to pass on great savings on fantastic policies to all our commercial van insurance customers.

We have strong ties with 22 of the UK's biggest insurance providers and negotiate with them to ensure the best possible deal for anyone seeking a commercial van insurance quote.

We offer quality, comprehensive and commercial van insurance for all kinds of vehicles. Here are just a few of the larger types of van we can provide you a quote for:

Large Panel Vans
There are many variations of the large panel van and iVan offer commercial van insurance for them all.

Cargo bays can come as factory standard or be tailored to suit the individual's needs.

Manufacturers offer three different wheel lengths:

  • Medium wheel base (MWB)
  • Short wheel base (SWB)
  • Long wheel base (LWB)

Also, there are three different roof heights available:

  • Standard roof (SR)
  • Medium roof (MR)
  • High Roof (HR)

Large panel vans are the vehicle of choice for anyone needing a heavy-duty van for the transportation of large and heavy loads. They are often favoured by labourers, electricians, many in the furniture trade, painters and professional deliverers.

Ford, Citroen, Renault and Mercedes are all significant players in the large panel van market. The most recent winner of the prestigious Large Panel Van of the Year award was the Volkswagen Transporter.

These are usually just large panel vans which have had seats installed so as to carry passengers, most will take between 10 and 20.

Many minibuses will be adapted for use by disabled people, so it is common for them to be fitted with wheelchair lifts and ramps. The LDV Maxus is the most recent winner of the Minibus of the Year award.

Pick-ups are usually four-wheel-drive and brilliant off-road and, although not always suited to urban environments, they cut quite a dash when on the roads of towns and cities.

Sometimes known as Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs), they consist of a separate cabin and cargo area. Cargo areas are usually open, though also often come in a hard-top version as well.

Despite being fuel-thirsty, pick-ups are often favoured by farmers, gardeners, labourers, painters and off-road enthusiasts. Also, because of their appeal to the eye, some businesses like to use them as their flagship vehicles.

Leading manufacturers of pick-ups include Ford, Nissan and Suzuki. Mitsubishi won the What Van award for Pick-up of the Year 2007.

Conversions (also known as chassis cabs) are vans customised to meet the very specific needs of an individual person or business.

Luton bodies, tippers, dropsides and flatbeds are some of the more common conversions.

Whatever your conversion, here at iVan we can provide you with a commercial van insurance quote to suit your needs.

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