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You probably spend a lot of time in your van, travelling the highways and byways of the UK (or, more likely, sitting in traffic jams wondering how long it will take to travel the next mile). Just like anyone and anything you spend a lot of time with, you have likely got to know all the little quirks of your van very well.

Chances are that you have grown to love or to hate your van in those many hours you have sat in the driving seat. But what happens when your faithful Transit gives up the ghost? Or you have become so frustrated with your rusty old Escort van that you can stand it no longer, and you smugly take it to the scrap yard on one final last journey?

What happens is that you become one of the many people out there who enter the van market without a clue what they are after. There is so much to think about; load capacity, van insurance rates, fuel efficiency, not to mention the cost of the van itself, and there are so many different vans out there.

So, how to choose? Well, your first step is to find out about what the vans have to offer, and work out whether what kind will best suit your needs. To get you started on the road to happy van ownership once more, iVan Insurance has a few ideas which might mean making your choice is a little easier.

Choosing a van that is great value for money
Well, the thing that most prospective van owners are looking for is something that is good value for money when they buy, and will continue to be good value for money as they run it. Whether you have a budget of £2,000 or £20,000, there is no point in getting a van which is going to lose its value rapidly or is going to cost a fortune in fuel costs, repairs and van insurance.

If you are the kind of van owner that does a lot of miles on the road and likes to keep hold of a van for years and years, you may well be best off getting a shiny new one with high fuel efficiency and the latest safety and security features. Not only is it likely to get you a cheap van insurance quote, but it'll also impress your customers and be a more pleasant drive. If you aren't planning to getting rid of it within a year or two, the huge depreciation hit you take when you drive it off the forecourt won't be so much of a problem.

However, if you don't do that many miles and you spend half your life on muddy building sites, you probably will be better off going for a used van. You will have to pay much less than for a new van, and by choosing wisely you can still find vehicles that aren't going to cost the earth when it comes to running costs like van insurance.

But you still haven't told me which van!
So whilst all this information might help you decide whether new or used is the right choice for you, it still hasn't helped you come to a decision and go "that's the van for me!". Luckily for you, we have put together a huge collection of van reviews that cover everything from van insurance and fuel economy to turning circles and - most importantly - the comfiness of the driver's seat.

Our ever-growing selection of reviews covers everything from Kas to Kangoos, and from Transits to Trafics so whether you are a builder or a florist, you can find out more about the types of vans that suit your needs.

Fantastic van insurance deals from iVan
Now you have an idea of the van of your dreams, you need to know where you can get a van insurance quote to match. Yep, you guessed it. At iVan Insurance we go further to make sure our customers are fully sorted when it comes to their motoring, so as well as providing great reviews, we also offer the ultimate in van insurance.

The motto here at iVan Insurance is "great prices, great cover" because we provide nothing less. We throw in legal expenses insurance and tool cover with our fantastically-priced van insurance policies because we know exactly how important these little extras are to all you busy van drivers out there.

So why hang about any longer? Get a van insurance quote from iVan Insurance now and save big money on your cover.