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The Escort Van, a history

The Ford Escort van has been a staple of the British roads for many years. The origins of the van begin with the patriotically-named Anglia, which, in 1949 was adapted into a van and soon became one of the most popular vans on British roads.

This popularity became an integral part of the vehicle's identity until it evolved into the Ford Prefect, the Ford Popular and, eventually, the Ford Escort. Since then, literally hundreds of thousands of British drivers have sought and received quotes for escort van insurance; as such, it's been one of the most competitive van cover markets for decades.

The last Ford Escort Vans

Despite production being ended in 2002 (2004 in Argentina), the Escort Van is still a common sight on the UK's roads. It is testament to the commercial vehicle's durability and enduring appeal that it still commands the iconic status it does today.

Many drivers of this van find that, because the Escort is based on a standard car frame, they are entitled to surprisingly cheap insurance quotes.

The Escort Van today

Although production of the Escort Van ended in 2002, its spirit lives on in its direct replacement: the Ford Transit Connect.

The Transit Connect is a robust and durable van which, because of its height and ergonomic design, offers great load space, while its wide-opening doors allow easy access. In short, although it may not yet have the iconic status of the Escort, it already attracts a loyal following.

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