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Unless you are a one-man band there is a good possibility that you will need a van insurance quote that offers cover for any driver.

An any-driver policy will help give your business the freedom it needs. Having all your employees named on the policy will mean that all will be covered in the event of an accident, helping you reach peak levels of productivity.

Naturally, such comprehensive coverage will come at a cost, but going with iVan, the van insurance specialist, will help minimise this.

Once our van insurance quote engine has searched our exhaustive list of industry partners to come up with the best deal for you, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how economical any driver cover is for you.

In fact, one of the main reasons our customers choose us is our ability to save them up to 25% on the price of their existing policies.

When saving money is as important as it is today, why pay any unnecessary costs? That's why we here at iVan have decided that we will not spend millions of pounds advertising our services.

Instead, we understand a quality service will always speak for itself. We also have faith in you: since we offer the best quality van driver policies at the best price, we believe that you will choose us.

And, when you do, the savings we make get passed directly onto you - a win-win situation without compare.

So, whether you want cover for a fleet or for just a single van, whether it's commercial or private, try our any driver van insurance quote engine and let us demonstrate our gift for marrying quality with cost-effectiveness.

And, with all our policies inclusive of tool cover and legal expenses insurance, you can rest assured that your business will never be off the road for any longer than it needs to be.