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The Ford Transit van (models from 2000-2006) is a staple of British roads, in fact Ford's own promotional literature once described it has 'the backbone of Britain'.

While this might be something of an exaggeration, it is, along with the Ford Escort van, probably the van most popularly associated in the minds of the UK public with the typical 'white van man'. Overall it is a good, reliable van, a fact that is reflected by its van insurance banding of 10-13.


The basic design of the Ford Transit has remained the same for a number of years now. The exterior is very basic and quite square compared to some of its flashier competitors. Height of the roof, width of the chassis and length of the vehicle can vary widely depending on the customer's needs, something which has really set it apart from other similar vans available on the market.

Inside the van, the seats are unassuming though very comfortable and the dashboard is simple and easy to read.

Style, though, has little bearing on the kind of van insurance quote you'll receive for a vehicle, so let's move on to more pressing matters.


There are so many different models of the Ford Transit that it is quite difficult to make a generalised review of performance.

Fortunately, problems with the awkward-feeling gearstick that were a negative feature of earlier Transits have now been smoothed out.

Overall, excepting the earlier 75bhp diesel model which felt woefully underpowered, the Transit offers a really positive driving experience. The van is quite high from the road, which contributes to a safe-feeling and a comfortable ride with excellent visibility.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a 2.0L front-wheel drive or a 2.4L rear-wheel drive. Obviously, the rear-wheel drive version represents a better option for those who will be carrying particularly heavy loads.

Ford Transit has always been a market leader on safety and most now have airbags in both the driver and passenger seats.

While it is slightly more expensive than most of its competitors, the Ford Transit offers good fuel economy and excellent reliability. The reasonably cheap van insurance quotes available for this model is another benefit.

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