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One way to ensure the best shot at cheap van insurance is to avoid costly contents claims. iVan, a van insurance specialist takes a look at what you can do to ensure your van stays safe and secure so that your cover remains as affordable as possible. OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND REMOVE VALUABLES BE A RECORD KEEPER INVEST IN EXTRA LOCKS PRUDENT PARKING UTILISE TECHNOLOGY ADVERTISE YOUR SECURITY Making sure the load space of your van is windowless is one way of keeping opportunistic thieves at bay. It might not be possible to remove every thing from your van when you’re out on a job, but, at night, make sure you take tools and valuables out of your van. iVan specialises in cheap van insurance to all tradespeople and van-driving professionals in the UK. We only provide cover for vans which means we know what van owners need and have developed a network of insurers who can meet the requirements of van drivers, fleet managers and business owners. Invest in extra locks. Steering locks, handbrake locks, or petrol cap locks - spending a few extra quid on security can prove to be a very wise move. Keep a list of everything in your van, then, if you are the victim of theft, at least you know what to claim for. From GPS trackers and Thatcham Grade 2 alarms to slamlocks and custom-built lockable tool boxes, there are many products that can both enhance your security and increase your chances of receiving cheap van insurance. Park somewhere safe, preferably a locationa that is well-lit and within view of you and/or your neighbours and community. Display stickers detailing the security measures you have taken. Weirdly, thieves don’t like getting caught – who would have thought? PROTECT YOUR VAN CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE