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When thinking of vans, images of the Ford Transit probably immediately spring to mind. This vehicle possesses an excellent reputation and has been serving the country since it was first made available during the 1960s. In fact, for more than 40 years, it has held the title of Britain's "best selling van".

Logically, this means that Ford Transit van insurance policies are the most popular forms of commercial vehicle cover. However, although it is true that numerous deals are sold annually, this does not necessarily mean the vehicle is the right transport for your business.

Whether starting out as a small company or running an accomplished fleet, every organisation will want to ensure they have the right tools for the job. To help you make an informed decision – and hopefully save money when getting a quote – iVan has put together a short guide on the vehicles you could choose from.

Ford Transit

The right van for you

When purchasing a van – or several for a fleet – it is worth remembering that, generally speaking, if a vehicle is large and heavy, it will be more expensive to cover when compared with smaller, lighter models. As well as this, insurers will usually give a higher premium to bulky transports, because large, heavy vans are often considered to be harder to drive and costlier to repair.

As an example, the price of an insurance quote might differ depending on what category a vehicle fits into. From smallest to largest, these include:

  • Car-derived vans – these look like a normal car from the front, but the back seats have been removed to create a cargo area.
  • Micro-vans – these vehicles are about the same size as a medium sized car, except they have the shape of a van.
  • Small or light vans – these vehicles are usually slightly larger than a car, with double doors at the back and possibly a raised roof.
  • Medium or panel vans – larger than a normal car, with a sizable cargo space, these often have sliding side doors. The Ford Transit belongs to this group.
  • Large vans – these vehicles are larger than most vans and carry medium to large loads.

Although size is an important factor in determining the price of a vehicle's policy, there are a number of other elements which could influence premiums, such as engine size, fuel type, and any security systems. However, when selecting an appropriate vehicle for your business, perhaps it is best to think small – you could save quite a bit of money.

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Whether purchasing Ford Transit van insurance or cover for a similar vehicle, iVan could help find a policy which is right for you. For more information, please get in touch with us today.