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On other insurance sites you may have had to search for business van insurance, or maybe panel van insurance but on iVan you can search for exactly what you're looking for, which is Renault Kangoo van insurance.

There are a lot of different vans out there, and we know that different people with varying businesses will buy a diverse range of vans which many insurers will lump together under the umbrella term "business van".

Putting things under a generalised title doesn't happen on our website because we know that depending on what your business is you'll have bought the van best suited for the trade, and as a result we've made it so that depending on what van you chose, you can find the insurance best suited to it.

Renault Kangoo Van

Kangoo van

There are four types of Renault Kangoo to choose from, and the range caters very nicely to all kinds of business needs.

  • Firstly there's the original Kangoo van, which has a load volume of three metres squared and space for one euro pallet;
  • Following on from that, there's the Kangoo Compact, which is a stouter model of the original, with a little less space in the back but it can run about the urban landscape and fit into tight parking spaces with ease;
  • Next in line there's the Kangoo Maxi which boasts an impressive four point six metres squared of space in the back;
  • And last but not least the Kangoo Maxi Crew van allows seating for up to five people with some unfolding of seats. With the seats folded down it has a load volume of three point four metres squared.

With this impressive array of Kangoos to fit the needs of any business, iVan offers van driver quotes and deals which fit to your needs too.

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We will search through quotes from 20 top van insurance companies for those which match your business needs best. Once you've picked one, we offer you free breakdown cover and free legal insurance cover as standard.

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We are happy to give Renault Kangoo van insurance to businesses big and small and cover just one van or whole a fleet of them.