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iVan know that people use the Citroën Berlingo in all sorts of different trades, but we don't mind what it is you do. As long as you can raise your hand when we ask, do you have a Citroën Berlingo van?, then iVan can help you get great Citroën Berlingo van insurance.

If you're driving a Citroën Berlingo, then you probably love to have lots of different options, and iVan give you lots of different options when it comes to getting your insurance with us.

If you are involved in an accident and it was not your fault, then insurance with us should make the claims process plain-sailing.

What we offer

On the van sales floor you could choose a short or long version of the Berlingo. iVan offers competitive quotes using over 20 different insurance companies.

The Citroën Berlingo has ABS and emergency braking assistance as standard. 

The Berlingo has adjustable everything when it comes to your comfort while driving. To make your van insurance even more comfortable, we offer you legal expenses insurance and our iVan insurance policies can be paid for in instalments.

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Getting a quote from us takes a matter of minutes, and once you've picked a quote and filled in your policy document, you can print it out straight away, so that you can get straight back to what you specialise in.

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