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By using our selected partnerships with 20 of the UK's most trusted insurers, iVan is able to offer you a better deal on your courier van insurance.

There are a lot of myths about van drivers, but at iVan we specialise in meeting the insurance needs of van drivers who know that they're actually some of the safest drivers in the UK.

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Courier van insurance from iVan

All couriers have different insurance needs. Our insurance deals offer flexibility so that you can name your drivers, your driving patterns and the add-ons, such as like-for-like replacement vehicle cover, that you wish.

We understand that despite these differing needs, all courier van insurance customers are entitled to the same basic standards.

This is why every single one of the hundreds of commercial vehicles policies we search through comes with free breakdown cover and legal expenses insurance.


You may be surprised to learn that we may be able to save you more than 20% on the cost of your courier van insurance. But this is no surprise to us; every aspect of iVan is geared towards providing van drivers with the best and most competitive quotes and, ultimately, the cheapest courier van insurance that we can.


Perhaps you'd prefer not to meet the balance of your policy in a one-off payment. No problem, iVan has an easy to manage installment plan, which offers both economy and convenience.

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