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If you are a business owner who relies on your fleet of vans, then you're going to want to find a great, cost-effective quote on any driver van insurance. Good news: you've come to the right place.

iVan is a top UK van insurer. We aim to find you a van insurance quote which best suits you and your company's needs – and at the best possible price.

Any driver van insurance: freedom for your business

Having "any driver" cover means that similarly to business van insurance, one van can have many named drivers on its policy.

The main advantage of any driver insurance is that it empowers businesses with freedom and flexibility.

For instance, having such a policy in place enables employees to interchange their vehicles according to the vehicle size and contents, perhaps, or simply lets your business run more smoothly with drivers getting into whichever vehicle is available when they arrive at work instead of waiting for their van to return from a job or a garage.

It could also help you spread the range of your business further over the UK, since you could potentially send two drivers in any one van, sharing long journeys between them. This cuts down on the amount of stops employees need to make along the way, enabling more jobs to be done sooner.

Furthermore, this type of insurance can be used for any make and size of van, so whatever your business it's likely that any driver van insurance will work well for you while you take care of trade.

Should you choose to employ another worker for any reason, you can always add them onto the policy and, depending on what quote you choose from those we present to you, you may even be allowed to temporarily add a named driver.

How can I get cheaper any driver van insurance?

The best method of getting cheaper any driver van insurance is to always compare quotes from insurers. If you get a quote through iVan, we'll take this step for you. We will compare quotes from 30 of the top van insurers to make sure you're getting a policy that suits all your requirements at the best possible price. But there are a few other ways you can help reduce the cost of your any driver van insurance.

  • You can limit your list of named drivers included on the policy to include only experienced drivers over 25. As younger drivers are likelier to be involved in an accident, having them on your policy will increase your premiums.
  • Make sure your fleet is kept safe and secure when the vans are not being driven. If all your vans are kept in a secure location, such as a company garage, they are less likely to be vandalised or stolen, and therefore insurers will see less of a risk and reward you with a cheaper premium. It's also a good idea to take precautions such as installing an immobiliser and alarm in all your vans.
  • Insurers also view smaller vans as less of a risk, so if it's not absolutely necessary to use large vans for your business, consider buying the smallest, lightest van that will still be practical for your work.

Any driver van insurance with iVan
We understand vans and we understand van drivers, so we offer you the best of the best van cover quotes, searching prices and deals offered by over 20 of the top UK insurers.

Once we know we've found the quotes that fit your needs most accurately, we'll show you them and then you pick the one most suited to your business.

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