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Any driver van insurance is important for a business which has more than one driver. Good news – iVan can cover unlimited drivers on one policy so that if any one of them is involved in an accident you won't be in financial trouble.

Furthermore, with iVan's help, you don't even have to look for the very best van insurance quote because we'll do it for you.

Simply give us some basic information about what you and your business needs entail, and then we'll set to work searching offers from more than 20 top insurance companies until we find a small selection of the ones most suited to you.

We can then present that small selection of the most appropriate deals to you so you can then make the final choice.

Not only will you get a great quote, but iVan offers free breakdown cover and free legal expenses as standard with every policy bought. Some of our customers have saved 25% on their current policy – so give us a go!

If that's not proof enough of our dedication to our customers, we send you your new policy documents via email so that you can have them as quickly as possible.

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