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If you are running a cleaning supplies business, there is no doubt that vans play a vital role in your day-to-day operations. When people are relying on you for the transportation and delivery of cleaning supplies and equipment, you need to make sure your vehicles are insured with the best policy possible. However, choosing the right insurance for your company can seem like a daunting task, so why not get a helping hand from one of the UK's leading van insurance specialists?

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At iVan, we are focused solely on the van drivers of the world, working with a network of more than 30 quality insurers so that we can provide the best service possible; one which has been tailored to suit clients just like you.

Our team, a lot of them former van drivers themselves, understand how important efficiency is to van drivers and their business. That's why getting a quote from iVan couldn't be simpler—and it only takes a few minutes. Simply provide us with a bit of info (including your driver's licence details and names of any other additional drivers you wish to cover), and we will instantly find the best quote for you, saving you valuable time and, more importantly, money (our clients have saved an average of up to 30% on their existing policy).

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Whether you are going solo in just one small van or have a whole fleet to insure, iVan will give you peace of mind against problems that can have a devastating impact on your business, such as accidents or theft. 

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