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The prestigious What Van? Award for 2015 will be announced on 16th December at the five star Andaz hotel on Liverpool Street in central London.

For the second year running vehicle leasing firm Leaseplan will be partnering with What Van? for the event hosting. Mark Lovett Leaseplan’s head of commercial vehicles has said, “Following a very successful sponsorship deal last year between LeasePlan and What Van? Magazine for the What Van? Awards, we at LeasePlan, are delighted, once again, to be the main sponsor of this year’s awards.”

What Van? Awards 2015

The winners will be announced online at What Van? following the awards ceremony. The Ford Transit was the winner for the second year running in 2014 – which vehicle will be the winner this year?

There has been talk of an Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) being set up in London for some time now. It appears that our fair City of London isn’t actually that fair; with our capital failing to meet the EU air pollution directive.

Why the new scheme?

The new directive is set to be introduced in 2020 and is aiming to be the world’s first Ultra-Low Emission Zone. The initiative is aiming specifically towards Euro 6 emission standards with a particular focus on reducing emissions of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) – a by-product of diesel engines and the reason London failed the EU air pollution directive.

Boris Johnson is planning to charge diesel vehicles more to enter the centre of the city if vehicles don’t meet the Euro 6 emissions standard.

This will be mandatory for all types of approved vehicles from September 2015 and specifically targets Nitrogen dioxide emissions, requiring more than a 50 % reduction in these emissions over the current euro 5.

How much will it cost?

As for how much vehicles failing to meet the Euro 6 standard will be charged, a spokesperson for the Mayor of London has said that "precise charges that will apply are still subject to consultation.” – Which is helpful.

The spokesperson also added, “The ULEZ will apply to all vehicles. Standards are tailored to the specific types of vehicle – so buses must be at least hybrid, HGVs will have to be Euro 6 as they are all diesel, vans and cars will have to be Euro 6 if diesel and Euro 4 if petrol.”

So the new directive is not aimed solely towards diesel vehicles but certain petrol vehicles are also liable for a fine if they do not meet the Euro 4 petrol standard.


The new Ultra-Low Emissions Zone will use the existing Congestion Zone boundary – Pentonville Road, Finsbury in the North to Kennington Lane in the South then from Commercial Road in Spitalfields over to Marylebone Road when ranging from East to West.

It is estimated that more than 619,000 vans enter that boundary each year and there are currently two proposals for the ULEZ operating hours; similarly, these will follow Congestion Charge times, which are: Monday to Friday, 7am until 6pm or the Low Emission zone times which are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is my vehicle affected?

The Euro 6 European exhaust emission regulations came into effect on 1st September 2014 and all new trucks and buses registered from 1st January 2014 will need to be fitted with a Euro 6 certified engine – these engines will help to see a significant reduction in tail-pipe emissions.

While this all sounds great for the environment it is slightly confusing; “Is my van Euro 6 compliant or is it not?” is the question that we hear. Luckily there is a simple tool on the Transport for London (TfL) website that can let you know if your vehicle is affected and you’ll need to pay those charges that you can find here: Low Emission Zone - Affected Vehicles.

While we don’t necessarily want to toot our own horn we are aware of one way that can help you mitigate the expense of driving in London - and that is saving on your van insurance.

It has been an exciting week for Volkswagen and Iveco as they have both released details of their latest concept vans.

We wonder how many concept vans actually make it off the drawing board and into production? It’s probably not that many and we hope that these two innovative models make it out into the real world.

Volkswagen’s Tristar Concept

The Volkswagen Tristar is an interesting design, it utilises both flexible storage solutions plus extreme off-road capabilities. The vehicle appears to be based on VW’s current T series model and looks like it would fit into the Transporter line-up comfortably.

The Tristar is a pick-up which has an extended cab, a short wheelbase and styling bar. The concept vehicle has four-wheel drive that is permanently ‘on’ - with a mechanical rear axle differential lock, plus an additional 30mm ground clearance.

Volkswagen Tristar Concept

Volkswagen has given some thought to the cargo placement with two separate levels for holding your goods. There is a watertight, dustproof container under the flatbed area which is also where the spare tire is kept.

The interior has a 20” tablet table on a swivel pole between the seats, plus a high tech sound system and video conferencing set-up. The driver and passenger seats can turn and slide on mounted rails for added ease of use, oh and there is even an espresso machine installed!

Iveco VISION Concept

Originally shown at the International Motor Show of Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, Germany, the Iveco VISION is being hailed as a ‘cutting-edge’ hybrid delivery vehicle.

Iveco has said that this vehicle would be, “ideal for door-to-door delivery missions”. The VISION concept would be running from a ‘Dual Energy’ hybrid powertrain. This would mean that the VISION would be running on electric motor for urban journeys and in hybrid mode for longer journeys, Iveco claim that overall this would reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 25 per cent.

Iveco VISION Concept

Iveco has also paid special attention to the loadbay which makes sense as this is essentially a delivery vehicle. There are sensors which connect to a load management system to identify goods and indicate where they should be stored in the cargo hold for safety reasons and to prevent damage during transit – that sounds pretty smart to us.

We really like the concepts that Volkswagen and Iveco have produced and think that this smarter way of thinking is a great asset to the future van market.

Iveco have added an extra incentive for buyers who are currently considering the purchase of a new large van. Until the end of this year Iveco is offering a five year/100,000 mile warranty on their new ‘Iveco Daily’ vans which are due to be released later on this month.

The offer is being used to entice customers from the small business sector into the Iveco fold, and is limited to five vans per customer – this is a tactic that Iveco hopes will help smaller businesses choose the Daily as their fleet van of choice. Larger businesses need not worry, however, as Iveco already offers benefits for their particular business types.

The new Iveco Daily has the same robust box-on-chassis build configuration as other incarnations but the van has been almost completely redesigned. The new design will offer a larger payload and better driver comfort - all the while retaining the durable build quality which Iveco is known for.

Managing Director of Iveco UK Claudio Zanframundo has stated, “The New Daily range offers the most extensive line-up in its class, with gross vehicle weights from 3.5- to 7.0 tonnes, load space volumes from 7.3- to 19.6cu.m and nine power outputs from 106- to 205bhp. There’s quite simply a van for all missions. We’ve designed New Daily to take on any challenge, from multi-drop urban distribution work to express deliveries over long-distances.”

He added, “New Daily is currently the only van in its class available with a five-year warranty. It’s a reflection of our absolute confidence in this third generation model range, which is the result of a $700 million investment.”

You may know it but 2014 marks the 60th anniversary of the VW Transporter in the UK, and to celebrate Volkswagen has announced a new special edition model called the Sportline 60.

In addition, Volkswagen is also releasing a 'birthday present' in the form of a special package of features for all VW Transporters. These add-ons are exclusive extras and Volkswagen says they will allow owners of the T5 Transporter to really make their vehicles stand out from the crowd.

Volkswagen Transporter Sportline 60</

The 60th anniversary pack is available to buy from the 22nd September 2014 and will include Chrome detailing on the mirror caps, side indicators, tail guard and grille. There will also be LED running lights, waterproof embroidered seat covers, plus 'Transporter 60' decals for the exterior.

According to Volkswagen, the first 250 customers who order the accessory pack will be given a copy of a limited edition coffee table book that celebrates 60 years of Transporters in the UK. The anniversary pack prices start from £609 and go up to £1,009 (incl VAT and fitting). The pack is expected to be available into 2015 as an end date has not yet been set.