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It is a well-known fact that unless you are clear about exactly what to look for and have good practical experience of comparing the market, it is devilishly hard to find low cost van insurance.

Of course, one way to enhance your chances of finding low cost van insurance is to be discerning about the type of vehicle you drive. Statistically, smaller lower performance vans are less likely to be involved in high cost road accidents and as such tend to be cheaper to insure. So unless you have a specific need for a larger and high-performance van and want to save money on the cost of your commercial vehicle cover, it is best to choose a smaller and more modest vehicle.

You can also add security modifications such as steering wheel locks and tracking devices as these may increase your chances of finding low cost cover.

There is another way

There is another way to achieve lower cost van insurance. However, the bad news is that you may not have much choice in whether you qualify.

Firstly, you could try being older, as drivers who are over 50 tend to receive cheaper policies than younger drivers. If lucky, we will all get to be older, but we’re not sure that even if this were possible, many of us would choose to accelerate the process.

Secondly, you could try being female as women van drivers receive cheaper van insurance on average than their male counterparts. Sadly or not, we don’t all get to be female, and the desire for lower cost van insurance is unlikely to be a satisfactory or credible reason for seeking gender reassignment.

However, this second fact which may go some way to explaining why the number of female van drivers has, according to a leading comparison site, risen by 52% in the past year. The future, it seems, is white van woman, and the good news for her is that she is paying less for her van insurance.