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The majority of painters and decorators do an admirable job improving the house exteriors and interiors they are called in to renovate or decorate. In fact, many who start their own business from the back of their car (with insurance that permits the car to be used for work purposes), eventually find that they need a van instead.

Becoming successful enough to need a van for all of your equipment can be tough, but if painting and decorating is your calling in life it's certainly worth an up-hill struggle.

One man who arguably had to struggle more than most to get started in the career he was interested in, is Li Shuang. This 39-year-old man, who lives in China, was worried he might never work again after he was forced to have two thirds of his left leg amputated in 2005 due to suffering from a cancerous tumour.

Photo © mjtmail (tiggy) via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence

However, he states, "sitting around moping and feeling sorry for myself is really not my style.

"I decided that one legged, or no legged, I was going to persevere and make something of my life – and that is what I did."

Since his amputation he has set up his own company and made a name for himself in the painting and decorating industry, having first had to work for free in order to prove to people he was just as good at the job as his competitors.

Now he has 40 employees and plans on hiring more. He hopes to be able to employ disabled people who might not be able to find employment elsewhere, and to change Chinese society's view of those who might seem less able-bodied.

Photo © mjtmail (tiggy) via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence