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With the roll-out of super-fast broadband now being undertaken in the UK, it seems sensible to make sure that the engineers doing the hard work have access to great vehicles to help them in their daily tasks.

This is why BT's network division, 'Openreach', has decided to update their vehicle range with 1,800 award-winning Fiat Doblò Cargo Maxi vans.

Fiat Doblo Cargo Maxi

The Fiat Doblò Cargo is certainly going to be the work-horse of BT's front lines. With a load volume of 5.0m3 and a maximum payload of up to one ton this is a van that BT can use with confidence.

Comfort is also another factor that BT wanted to provide for their engineers. The Doblò Cargo Maxi’s Bi-Link rear suspension gives an excellent ride and provides car-like handling, perfect for those long days out on the open road. In addition they produce low emissions and are cheap to run due to the onboard MultiJet diesel engines.

BT Fleet's commercial director Duncan Webb says, "These vehicles have been deployed to front-line engineers installing fibre broadband into homes and businesses across the UK.

"With a fleet of hard-working vehicles of this size it was important to have the right vehicles, which we have in the FIAT Doblò Cargo Maxi."

Let's hope that BT managed to get a great deal on their fleet van insurance.