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When is the best time to buy your van insurance for any driver policy? This should be a simple question to answer, but according to research from one comparison website, it is one that consumers and fleet managers struggle to answer correctly.

The company says that van insurance for any driver customers are missing a trick, with 55% buying their cover 48 hours or less before the date of renewal, with 26% only beginning the process on the last day of their policy.

However, the company claims that this approach could be costing consumers up to £1,000 a time – and potentially more for fleet managers looking for any driver van insurance policies. It states that by purchasing a policy around three weeks before the expiration of an existing deal, customers can save more than £200—or around 30% of what they might pay by leaving it to the last couple of days.

Furthermore, the comparison website claims that van insurance customers suffer more from tardiness in this regard than their car insurance counterparts who, although they have a tendency to leave it late, do not put it off quite as much as their van driving cousins.

The Impact

In an age in which any driver van insurance cover can be prohibitively expensive to many consumers and trade magazines and internet websites abound with articles about the steps that people can take to obtain cheaper van insurance, the poor level of awareness surrounding the importance of advance renewal planning is surprising.

However, it should come as no surprise; there are very few areas in life where leaving something important to the last minute is likely to result in a favourable outcome.

If you are coming towards the end of your any driver van insurance policy's coverage, you should compare quotes with iVan today – you may find that doing so saves you money on the cost of your policy.