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Finding a cheap van insurance quote can frequently be difficult, but these difficulties can be compounded if you have a conviction for a driving offence.

Now a new piece of research has found which commercial vehicle drivers are most likely to have increased difficulty finding cheap van insurance as a result of their driving-related convictions.

The research found that that 10 per cent of all van drivers have a motoring conviction, with couriers the profession most likely to have some form of conviction. Company directors, electricians, plumbing and heating engineers and general engineers round out the top five, in that order. The next most likely professions to have driving-related convictions were roofers, joiners, lorry drivers, builders and carpenters.

Consider the cost

The impact of dangerous driving behaviour such as speeding or using a mobile phone is manifold. Not only do those who flout the law risk prosecution, points on their license, potential driving bans or even custodial sentences, but they also place themselves and other road users at risk while also placing their entitlement to cheap van insurance in jeopardy. In fact, van drivers who break the law may find that they are unable to get insurance at all.

All van drivers should bear these factors in mind. A speeding conviction has the potential to add a three or even four-figure sum to the cost of your van insurance quote.

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