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One major advantage of having an any driver van insurance policy is that it allows you to switch drivers during long journeys. Otherwise, policyholders risk having to stop work and find a suitable place to enjoy sufficient rest.

In fact, vans are subject to the same laws as HGV drivers regarding daily driving hours limits. Despite this, too few van drivers are aware of their obligations, which, in line with EU rules, include the following:

  • Drivers must not drive for more than nine hours in a day – although this may be extended to 10 hours twice a week
  • Drivers must not be behind the wheel for more than 56 hours in a week
  • Drivers must not exceed more than 90 hours in any two consecutive weeks

Furthermore, the same EU rules state that van drivers must take rests and breaks in the following ways:

  • At least 11 hours rest every day – this can be reduced to nine hours rest on three occasions between any two weekly rest periods
  • An unbroken rest period of 45 hours every week – this can be reduced to 24 hours every other week
  • A break or breaks totalling at least 45 minutes after no more than four and a half hours driving
  • A weekly rest after six consecutive 24-hour periods of working, starting from the end of the last weekly rest period taken

Any van driver who exceeds these limits faces a potential fine of £300. However, it is worth considering that fear of punishment should not be the primary deterrent; it is dangerous to get behind the wheel of any vehicle when tired or fatigued. In fact, tiredness and fatigue are two of the major causes of road accidents in the UK.

Keep Track of Your Driving Hours

Unlike HGVs, vans do not need to be fitted with a tachograph to record mileage and road hours. However, this does not mean that they cannot face sanction.

If you have any concerns that you might exceed the legal limits, you should consider an any driver van insurance policy – that way you can rely on a colleague to take over the driving burden while you receive some vital rest.

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