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As many as 20,000 business van insurance customers in Ireland could be without the cover they require following the collapse of Setanta insurance

Although around 75,000 drivers have been affected by the sudden collapse of the insurance company, it is thought that 55,000 have so far been successful in finding replacement policies.

However, for those who are yet to find alternative business van insurance, the consequences could be serious. AA Roadwatch's Director of Consumer Affairs, Conon Faughnan, warned that although "the situation is totally unfair... that won't be an excuse if a driver is on the road with no insurance. You have to act now. We are calling on all affected drivers to find a new insurer immediately."

Although it is doubtless inconvenient and maybe even distressing for the drivers involved, perhaps some could see it as an opportunity to compare all the available quotes and hopefully save money in the long-run.

Those drivers who continue to drive without policies have been told that they will be breaking the law. Furthermore, they will have to bear the cost of any loss themselves.

There is also a chance that the collapse of Setanta could have an impact on these shores – there is a great deal of business traffic between Ireland and the UK, with many van drivers travelling by cross-channel ferry.