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The burger vans, hot dog stands, doughnut stalls, couscous providers, falafel sellers – yes, the Glastonbury music festival 2014 is under a month away and catering van owners are getting themselves and their vehicles ready.

Renewing insurance, cleaning the signage, counting stock, and undertaking maintenance checks – there's a lot to be done and increasingly less time to do it all in. Caterers who are new to the festival might also be making sure they have found the best route to and from the area. Buying some wellington boots might be a good idea too.

Although Glastonbury is most definitely a music festival, at iVan we think of it as a celebration of food as well.

Despite many campers bringing provisions with them, there's no denying that without all the catering vans, stalls, and tents selling a plethora of different edibles, a lot of people would go without hot food for the duration of the festival, and many would probably survive on a purely liquid diet, which isn't healthy.

So, we'd like to say a big thank you to all the Glastonbury festival caterers. Thank you for driving through the mud for us, thank you for that much-needed cup of coffee, thank you for feeding us.

Enjoy the music (and the food) everyone!

Photo © ChrisPerriman via Flickr, under Creative Commons Licence