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Fancy cycling your way to cheaper any driver van insurance, anyone? No, this is not the pedal-powered version of the telematics black box, nor indeed is it a pedal-powered van.

Instead, this is an idea currently being mooted by the Department for Transport (DfT). The organisation is proposing that motorists in the UK could become eligible for cheaper van insurance premiums by taking courses in cycling awareness.

The cycling awareness idea is just one of 50 safety measures proposed as part of the government’s ‘Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy’. They are designed to increase the safety of cyclists and pedestrians on the nation’s roads following an increase in fatalities recorded in 2017 and form part of a two-year plan of action. Additional ideas include ensuring that cycle lanes are free of parking bays, making greater use of helmet-cam and dashcam through online portals and making greater allowance for the needs of cyclists by enacting changes to the Highway Code.

Some of the ideas have already been trialled. For example, in October 2016, North Wales Police began using helmet- and dashboard-mounted cameras, and have so far used footage to resolve 129 cases.

It remains to be seen just how many van drivers would have the inclination and the time to complete the ‘Bikeability’ training courses in order to be given the chance to receive cheaper van insurance.

It is clear that the government views increased levels of cycling as the future, both from an environmental and infrastructure perspective. Councils are going to be urged to spend approximately 15% of their transport funding on improved infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

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Given how costly some any driver van insurance policies can be, it makes sense to utilise every possible path to cheaper van insurance. Whether this means taking a cycling awareness course, driving carefully to preserve your no-claims bonus or comparing quotes online from a variety of providers, van drivers who take the time to plan are those who are most likely to benefit.

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