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There are many ways that a policyholder can invalidate their any driver van insurance. In fact, time and again drivers throughout the world find that, when it comes to the crunch, they are not covered because they have lied about their jobs, failed to disclose a modification to their vehicle or evaded the truth regarding their vehicle's class of use.

However, there is another frequently innocent mistake that may lead to a policyholder invalidating their any driver van insurance: failing to inform your provider that you have moved to a new address.

Innocent Mistake, Serious Consequences

Moving house can be one of life's most stressful events. Not only do you have to say goodbye to the place you have called home for a settled period, you also have to farewell your familiar neighbours and cherished community. Then there is the logistics: painstakingly putting your life into boxes and uprooting to another location is drain on time, energy and emotions. The same can be said for moving business address.

It is little wonder then that so many forget to inform both the DVLA and their any driver van insurance provider, potentially risking a significant fine or even the invalidation of their insurance cover.

What to do

In order to ensure that you don't forget to inform your insurer, you should notify them of your plans as soon as you have confirmed your move date and become subsumed by the chaos of your move.

Remember, if you are parking your vehicle at your address, the price of your insurance premium will be based in part by the risks particular to your postcode – the same goes for a business address: if you park outside your business and are moving the address of your firm, you should let your insurer know at the soonest opportunity.

Not only could failing to notify your insurer and the DVLA invalidate your insurance premium, it may also result in a £300 fine, six penalty points and the possible seizure of your vehicle.

Any Driver Van Insurance from iVan

Any driver van insurance is all about giving your business and your fleet the flexibility and freedom to meet your changing daily demands.

However, an any driver premium can sometimes be the expensive option. In some cases it may be cheaper to opt for a policy that gives you multiple named drivers. As a commercial vehicle cover specialist, iVan can help you find the policy that is best-suited to your needs.