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MOTAny driver van insurance policyholders should be aware of the implications of the new stricter MOT testing regime, which if not followed correctly could result in a serious penalty as well as the invalidation of insurance polices.

This has inevitably provoked concern among some any driver van insurance policyholders that more stringent rules could also lead to an increased number of commercial vehicles failing their MOTs.

In turn, there are fears that this could lead to a situation where there are high numbers of van drivers on the road in charge of vehicles that have failed their MOTs. Previously, the Highway Code penalty for not having a valid MOT was a maximum £1,000 fine; under the new regime, drivers can be fined up to £2,500 plus three penalty points. Last year, 35.4% of all vehicles failed their MOT.

The new, more stringent MOT test is the first in the UK to test the safety of disc brakes as well as the level of vehicle emissions. Other components of the test will check whether brake fluid is contaminated, whether tyres are underinflated, whether brake pads or warning lights are evident and whether there are any environmentally hazardous leaks. Furthermore, vehicles can be categorised into one of three defect categories: dangerous, major and minor.

However, if van drivers sign up to the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency's (DVSA) digital ‘Get MOT Reminder' service, they can greatly improve their chances of remembering their MOT obligations by ensuring they receive regular updates in the lead-up to MOT renewal time.

It is important for van drivers to remember that the only time they are permitted to drive without a valid MOT is in the event they have booked an MOT and are driving their vehicle in for the test. However, if stopped by police they have to be able to prove this.

It is also worth bearing in mind that driving without an MOT could lead to the invalidation of an any driver van insurance policy and, in the event of an accident, could lead to the driver becoming personally liable for any costs arising from the accident, including vehicle damage and personal injury.