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Footage has been released of a any driver van insurance policyholder from Slough being given the (unwanted) ride of his life by a bold and opportunistic thief.

The 34-year-old delivery driver was briefly stopping on his rounds to make a delivery when the thief saw his moment, got in to the commercial vehicle, and attempted to make his escape.

However, he clearly did not bargain for the bold, bravery or, as some might have it, foolhardiness of the driver, who, in attempting to stop the thief, mounted the bonnet of the van even as the thief accelerated away with gob-stopping recklessness.

The thief continued to drive at dangerous speed before making a U-turn and braking in a successful attempt to shake off the owner who, remarkably, manages to land on his feet before frantically trying to flag down a passing car in an attempt to then follow his stolen van.

However, no one stopped for the dispossessed van owner, but fortunately, and thanks to the on-board any driver van insurance GPS equipment, the van was found later that day, as was the thief who has since been sentenced to six years in prison for his crime.

"Thankfully the victim escaped with extensive bruising, but it is not difficult to imagine what could have happened if he had fallen off in front of the van, or into the path of another vehicle," commented an officer with Surrey Police.

It is now known what the thief's defence for the crime was. It is possible to imagine that he might have claimed he misunderstood the meaning of any driver van insurance, but whatever the case, his most recent ride is as a passenger in a police van.