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The 44th Tokyo Motor Show served as the premiere for one of the most compelling new concept vehicles we've seen for a while.

The Daihatsu Tempo Pop-Up Shop Van Concept

The Daihatsu 'Tempo', which according to Japanese car manufacturer Daihatsu will present "a new genre-space commercial vehicle".

The concept commercial vehicle is a pop-up shop style van that can be used for selling ice creams, coffee & teas, foods and other goods. The van has small dimensions but a large interior space.

The new vehicle has:

  • A moving sales vehicle that makes full use of the flexible floor space,
  • A large gull-wing door with LED lighting installed on the passenger-seat side,
  • Features a showcase equipped with a counter table,
  • The digital sign mounted on the side of the vehicle can be used as a signboard

Daihatsu Tempo

Daihatsu’s President Masanori Mitsui said that, “The Tempo is our response to those who want a convenient car but not your typical commercial vehicle. It’s a new genre of mini commercial vehicles that offers the advantages of a passenger car.”

The vehicle has not been given an official release date and as of now there are no hard plans for the mini commercial vehicle to enter production however we do hope that this concept enters production.