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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have partnered up with Rhino and Sortimo, two leading van accessories companies to offer a range of internal and external storage solutions.

Both brands are highly respected for their racking solutions, offering products that are made from materials that are both light and robust. Plus they are subjected to EU safety regulations to help ensure that they will offer years of dependable service.


Rhino roof racks are lightweight, strong and they also look great, they have a premium look won’t degrade the vehicles looks.

Thanks to their innovative SafeClamp and SafeStow systems Rhino can help you to safely secure ladders to your Volkswagen vehicles. SafeClamp allows you to safely secure up to three nested ladders on top of your vehicle, you can also lock the clamp for added security.

Rhino SafeClamp

SafeStow makes loading and unloading your ladders a straight-forward process, constructed from lightweight and robust aluminium alloy with stainless steel components and fully-adjustable gas struts to help making lift easier.

Rhino SafeStow


Sortimo have been offering internal racking systems for commercial vehicles for more than 40 years.

The internal racking systems by Sortimo offer a flexible modular storage solution which can be combined with other Sortimo products to offer a tailored solution to the individuals workspace.


Both Rhino and Sortimo offer desirable products to the commercial vehicle owner, with Rhino roof racks going for around £450 and Sortimo storage solutions being priced between £350 to £1,500.

For more information on the products available you can visit the Rhino and Sortimo websites at: and